Club Penguin: Disney Channel’s Game On – Puffle Party

For every party Club Penguin releases, Disney Channel, a popular children’s channel releases a “Game On” video to make viewers aware of the party, and get them excited over it. This is often done a few days before the party starts so that it gets more attention, and a video clip has now been uploaded to Club Penguin’s official YouTube channel. Below is the video.

This video doesn’t mean as much now that the party has started, but it’s still enjoyable and entertaining. It’s made to be informative and I definitely think it succeeds in doing that. The Puffle Party has never been as good as it is this year, and this video shows that off in style.

What do you think of the Puffle Party 2014? Make sure to tell me in the comment below, it is much appreciated.

Club Penguin: May Party Sneak Peeks

While all of the hype around this month’s Puffle Party, sometimes it’s always nice to think about the future. Club Penguin helps this with sneak peeks, messages and even an entire video series. Now, we have gotten TWO new sneak peek’s and they are both rather interesting to say the least. There is really no point in me saying more, so let’s jump right in.

*If you were wondering where this sneak peek is from, it is from the official blog.



These are obviously sketches of some kind of machine, and all have got a penguin sitting inside which seems to have control over it. Does this mean we will get to ride/sit in these next month? Who knows, but it sure is very likely. These could be outfits too, or as other’s have noted, they could also likely be robots.

The next image is arguably the better sneak peek as here we get a composition with a background and characters. Take a look below.


Here we see what may be robots on what seems to be the top of a planet (maybe Earth?). It appears that these robots are using weapons, but we can’t know for certain. This does bring a lot of questions though; I certainly am wondering what is going on and what the blue “stuff” at the top is. It’s definitely is confusing sneak peek but at least we now have a few ideas about the party in May, and have a baseline to go from. These are the first building blocks in terms of knowledge for the party and hopefully we’ll find out more soon as we go along.

An important thing to note is that this will take place in the future, confirmed by the quote (on the official blog) “What do you think future Club Penguin will look like?” – this means that Gary may make an appearance at this party with his time machine, just as he went back in time making the Prehistoric Party happen.

What do you think the new party will be like? Make sure to tell me in the comment section below, it is much appreciated.

For Our English Reader’s: Happy St. George’s Day!

St. George’s Day is a festive celebration in England, a country located in the south of Great Britain. It marks the traditionally accepted date of the death of Saint George, and is celebrated by a lot of people and penguins alike. For more info on the celebration, you can do your own research; there are many webpages dedicated to the event. To all of you who celebrate, I wish you all a happy St. George’s Day and hope you have a great time.

Club Penguin have made a dedicated tweet to wish their English fans a happy St. George’s Day, with an image saying it all – it indicates the event clearly with the quote “Happy St. George’s Day!”.

While this message only applies to a smaller amount of us in the community, I really appreciate Club Penguin’s effort in wishing those who do celebrate a happy St. George’s Day. Not to forget the artwork, which is quite breathtaking using the Medieval Party’s logo as a base and changing the text on top. This keeps my hopes up for a Medieval Party to happen this year, not to mention the fact that one came unusually late last year.

Do you celebrate St. George’s Day? If you do, make sure to tell me what you’re planning to do on this special occasion. It is much appreciated.

Club Penguin Codes: April 2014 – 1,500 Coins and Item

For the month of April, some new Club Penguin Codes have been released. One of these codes unlocks your penguin an item that really fits the theme of the current party, the Puffle Party. The item is a Puffle Hat and it is available for both members and nonmembers with the use of this free code. Also, three more codes were released each unlocking your account 500 coins, for a total of 1,500 coins. You can find all four of the codes below.

redeeming cp code

  • PUFFLES1 – Puffle Hat
  • LARANJAB – 500 Coins
  • 10VULCAO – 500 Coins
  • INGRESSO – 500 Coins

These codes are really cool. Nonetheless, if you would like to unlock more codes, feel free to use our free codes page. By using what we have, you can unlock nearly 70,000 coins for your account. Have fun shopping and playing with your new items!

Club Penguin PH Meetup Times – April 2014

With the Puffle Party 2014 now on the island, it’s no surprise that the Puffle Handler (PH) has joined in. As always, quite a few meetup times were posted on the Club Penguin Blog, all of which you can also find below. We highly recommend that you meet PH while you have the chance, as you will be able to collect her background, obtain her stamp, and even add her as a buddy.

puffle handler newspaper

We understand that sometimes it may be tough to meet PH, that is, if the rooms are full during the meetup times listed below. Lucky for you, we have a bunch of Club Penguin cheats and codes on this site which can help you find her in a breeze. For an in-depth guide on how to meet her, check out our Puffle Handler tracker page.

April 18 (Friday)

12:30 PM Server White Out
4:00 PM Server Sherbet

April 19 (Saturday)

1:00 PM Server Mammoth
2:00 PM Server Mittens
5:00 PM Server Crystal

April 20 (Sunday)

9:00 AM Server Fog
2:00 PM Server Cloudy
6:00 PM Server Wool Socks
7:00 PM Server Rainbow

April 21 (Monday)

8:30 AM Server Fog
5:30 PM Server Frosty

April 22 (Tuesday)

8:30 AM Server Fog

April 23 (Wednesday)

8:30 AM Server Fog

Note that all of the times above are in PST (Penguin/Pacific Standard Time). If you have any more times for us, or have found any errors in our times listed above, please leave us a comment. Once you do that, we will also be able to credit you with assisting us in finding the other meetup times.

We hope that these times have helped you meet PH on the island. If they have helped you in any way, be sure to tell your friends about it. Remember that we always try our best to provide you with top-notch codes for Club Penguin and cheats. Tell me what you think about these times below.

Club Penguin Times Issue 443

Another week has passed, so that means another Club Penguin Times issue has been released. This week, the newspaper covers a variety of topics ranging from the Puffle Party to what’s going to come out in May. We also get informed about Rockhopper’s departure. As always, there is a main story, support story, and an upcoming events section. I will go over all three parts of this week’s newspaper below.

The main story is written by PH, who talks to us about puffle tricks and the brand new Puffle Park. She tells us how performing these tricks are beneficial to our Puffles, and how it allows them to “burn off energy.” Lastly, she states that we will be able to rehearse with our puffles for the show on April 24th.

main story cp times 443

In the supporting article, we learn more about Rockhopper’s departure from the island. He thanks us for all of our help in bringing the new cat and dog puffles onto the island. In the article, Rockhopper also thanks PH for all of her help. The image caption also states “He hopes to fill his hold with treasure this time.”

support story cp 443

Lastly, in the upcoming events section, we learn more about what is to come to the island in the next few weeks. From this, we learn that on May 1st, it will be “Funny Hat Week” at the Dock, which I think is something new. We also learn about the new Penguin Style catalog and the next stage play.

cp times 443 upcoming events

That concludes the review for this week’s newspaper. The main story and support story consisted of things that we already knew about, however, the upcoming events section was interesting. It tells us about “future fashions” and a “Funny Hat Week.” I think that it sounds pretty interesting. What about you?

Club Penguin Puffle Park Pin Cheat

It’s been another two weeks, so that means another pin is hidden on the island. The last pin was located at the Mine Shack, and this week, it is located at the School. This new pin is called the Puffle Park Pin, and I really like how the name fits the theme of the Puffle Party. However, the pin itself, I feel does not completely fit the idea  of a “Puffle Park.” Nevertheless, below you can find out how to obtain this pin for your penguin.

  1. Login to Club Penguin.
  2. Go to the School.
  3. Click on the Puffle Park Pin.
  4. When prompted, click on “Yes.”

puffle park pin image

This pin looks really cool, don’t get me wrong. However, I still don’t understand how it represents a park in any manner whatsoever except for the water. Overall, I do like this pin. What do you think? Have you obtained this pin for your own account yet?

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Cheats

At long last, the Puffle Party 2014 has been released on Club Penguin. As always, there are many Club Penguin cheats in this party, and I will go over all of them below. The best thing about this party is that almost all of the rooms have been redesigned. Not to mention the fact that we can now adopt the cat and dog puffle.

puffle party post header

If you think that’s a lot, well then just hold on to your seats, because you’re about to blown away at the immensity of new activities/features released. We will be able to meet PH (Puffle Handler). Also, the Puffle Park was released along with Puffle tricks. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Anyways, let’s get started with the cheats and secrets.

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