Club Penguin: SoundStudio App Now Available

Club Penguin’s brand new SoundStudio App is officially available on mobile devices. Android users can find this app in the Google play store, while iOS users can find it in the App Store. The SoundStudio App allows you mix beats, sound effects, and create songs. Currently, there are six available genres: pop, dubstep, dance, spooky, rock, and DJ Cadence. All players can mix and match these genres, various sound effects, fifteen samples, and listen to Club Penguin Radio within the app. Members have unlimited access to all of these features. They can also save up to twenty-four tracks, and share their tracks with friends via Club Penguin Radio.

Club Penguin SoundStudio App Now Available

In light of their recent app release, Club Penguin has also uploaded a brand new trailer to their official YouTube channel. This trailer showcases some of the SoundStudio app’s features, and has DJ Cadence’s new song “You Got This” playing in the background.

If you are using an iOS device, you can find the SoundStudio app here. Contrarily, if you are using an Android device, the SoundStudio app is located here. In my opinion, the SoundStudio app’s interface is well-designed. What do you think of Club Penguin’s brand new SoundStudio app? Please feel absolutely free to share your opinions with us in the comments section below this post. We look forward to hearing from you all.

Club Penguin: Merry Walrus Removed From The Files?

UPDATE: This could possibly just be a bug. Thanks Pingu93711.

Back in 2012, the Ultimate Jam party took place with two new temporary mascots which were brought in from the Disney show Shake It Up; Rocky and CeCe. How does this relate to the title you may ask? Well, those two mascots were actually removed from Club Penguin’s game files. On the friends list, they appeared if you had added them prior to their file removal, but without names, and clicking on their player cards would result in a forever loading player card. Looking at my friends list now however, it looks like the same thing has happened to the recent Merry Walrus mascot who made his first appearance in the party named after him in late 2014. Strange to say the least, but it looks like Merry Walrus won’t be returning for the next Holiday/Christmas Party. Take a look below.

Screen Shot 2015 02 23 at 17.13.05

This really doesn’t make sense to me. Merry Walrus was only recently introduced as a mascot, probably to replicate Santa Claus without getting Christmas involved, and he even had his own party named after him. I’m confused as to why Club Penguin did this, but it may possibly be temporary until the next Holiday/Christmas Party – penguins adding him through the Javascript Console has been a problem for several years now, and this prevents them from doing that. Either way, makes sure to leave your thoughts on this in the comment section below; it is much appreciated.

Oh, and yes; the igloo within the image is Merry Walrus’ igloo. icon wink

EXCLUSIVE: SoundStudio Party Unused Alternate Interface

At the moment, the SoundStudio party features an interface where you can select which genre you want at any time (when entering Snowball Records or the talent show). However, during the preparation of the party the team were actually considering using an alternative “quest” interface. Take a look below.

Screen Shot 2015 02 21 at 15.21.52

Screen Shot 2015 02 21 at 15.22.07

Wow, this interface looks awesome; certainly better than what we have now. If Club Penguin had used this interface, we would of had to wait until a specific date to do certain activities. We wouldn’t be left with nothing to do for the rest of the party… I wonder why they decided not to use it?

EXCLUSIVE: Unreleased Club Penguin Pins!

On almost every single Club Penguin blog you’ll find the same cheats, but here at The Club Penguin Daily we truly go beyond our duties to provide you with content which you will not find anywhere else. Here I show you four unreleased pins which you’ll (hopefully) enjoy. Please click below to expand this post and view the content.


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Club Penguin: Full SoundStudio Party Guide

It’s been almost half a year since Club Penguin released their popular SoundStudio mini-game as a replacement to the then infamous DJ3K, and it has been quite the success. In fact, the CP team seem so proud of their new game that they are willing to produce a whole major party in its name, which has turned out to be the SoundStudio Party. This party has elements of the popular Music Jam party and very strong elements of the Hollywood Party, so lets begin.

SoundStudio Party Walkthrough

Login Message

Upon login, you will be greeted with two messages from DJ Cadence. They are show below.

The SoundStudio Party has hit the island! This is your shot at STARDOM! Just head to Snowball Records in the Snow Forts and you can record a song!

After playing all four songs, members can try out for the talent show. They’ll perform for me and special guest judges to prove they’re music masters!

Snowball Records

Snowball records is the talent show available to all players. It can be accessed at the Snow Forts.

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 21.50.38

Upon entry, you will be asked to select a genre. You can choose from Dance, Pop, Dubstep or Rock. Each genre will make you do similar but different tasks, and will reward you with different items. The rooms are all decorated differently, but generally serve the same purpose.

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.07.03

In each genre, you have to click on specific buttons in a specific order, and the order is shown at the top of the room.

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.25.48

If done correctly, you will be rewarded with at least one item (two for members). You can click on them to add them to your inventory.

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.29.24

Below is a list of items which you can obtain from Snowball Records, and the genre they can be obtained in.

For Everyone:

  • Glow Bracelets [Dance]
  • Rhinestone Sunglasses [Pop]
  • The Rocker-chic [Dubstep]
  • The Punkhawk [Rock]

Exclusive to Members:

  • Dance Crew Outfit [Dance]
  • Pop Star Hoodie [Pop]
  • Dubstep DJ Outfit [Dubstep]
  • Six-string Axe [Rock]

Play For DJ Cadence

Like Snowball Records, this is also a talent show except it is exclusively available to members and is tougher. It can also be accessed at the Snow Forts.

Screen Shot 2015 02 22 at 00.48.23

Like Snowball Records, you also have to select a genre. Again, you can choose from Dance, Pop, Dubstep or Rock.

Screen Shot 2015 02 22 at 00.41.38 copy

Now, here is where things get a little bit different. There is an extra row of buttons to press at the top, and you are being watched by DJ Cadence. However, generally it is the same activity with a higher difficulty level.

1Screen Shot 2015 02 22 at 11.49.09 copy

Unfortunately, there is no reward for this so it seems a little pointless. This may, however, be a bug as an unreleased item titled the “SoundStudio Hoodie” exists. Take a look below (Hoodie does not actually say “TCPD” – this is for watermark purposes). Note the purple outline.

Soundstudio Hoodie

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony, like many other things, has returned from the Hollywood Party. The room can be entered now, but it is not in use yet. It will likely be used later in the party.

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.44.16


The limo, like many other things, returns from the Hollywood Party. Unfortunately it stays at the Plaza so it cannot be used for transport, but it can be entered.

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.45.381


While Club Penguin hasn’t updated every room for this party, a lot of them have been updated with very cool designs – they are shown below.

Town Center

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.44.34

Coffee Shop

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.42.30

Snow Forts

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.43.35

Stadium (Snowball Records)

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.44.00


Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.43.22

The Stage (Awards Ceremony)

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.44.16


Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 22.45.38

This party is extremely disappointing to me. It seems like half a party, which isn’t even original in its own right. The amount of rooms decorated is appalling, and the amount of content is laughable. Seriously; all of the content in this party took me under five minutes to complete, and there isn’t even any replay value. The backstory behind this party is practically non-existant, and the Penguin Band, who had a whole article published in The Club Penguin Times saying that they were going to be attending the party, haven’t even turned up! I rate this party 2/10, and that is being generous. This is a total disgrace. But what do you think of the new SoundStudio Party?

Club Penguin: DJ K-Dance Pin Cheat

DJ K Dance Pin Header

While Club Penguin gets a new item ever so often, we certainly can’t forget about the infamous pins which are hidden on the island every two weeks. While just short of 300 pins have been released in the game so far, no two are alike and pins certainly have a special place in Club Penguin’s heart. For the next two weeks, the team over at CP have released a new pin which I’m sure many of you will find strange; the DJ K-Dance Pin. To obtain this pin, please follow the simple steps shown below.

1. Login to Club Penguin

2. Go to the Beach

3. Click on the DJ K-Dance Pin

4. When prompted, select “Yes”

Congratulations, you have now obtained Club Penguin’s latest pin!

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 19.24.43

This is the first time Club Penguin has ever used a penguin’s head as a pin in its long history, and certainly is the first pin which features a mascot. The pin’s name is the nickname of DJ Cadence, and is clearly meant to appeal to fans of her. Wether this is related to the dance-themed SoundStudio party is unknown, but I’d assume that has something to do with the time this pin was released. It certainly is an unusual pin.

I’d advise you pick up this pin as soon as you can, especially if you’re a Cadence fan; it won’t be returning once it is gone. What do you guys think of the new pin?

Club Penguin: SoundStudio Party Construction

The SoundStudio Party is a much anticipated party in Club Penguin, and the party is getting closer and closer as we go deeper and deeper into what 2015 has to offer for the CP fan-base. We have gotten to the point now where construction has started on the party, which can be seen at the Snow Forts. Take a look below.

SoundStudio Party Construction

Unfortunately, the construction does not look very correlated the the party at all, which is a shame as I would of appreciated Club Penguin hinting at what the party would feature. This makes me very fluctuant about the contents of this party, as the construction is so lazy. I sincerely hope that this party isn’t another disappointment. Are you excited for the upcoming party?

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